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A Safer Way For Kids To Travel To School/Home & Peace Of Mind For Parents, While Creating Opportunity Within the Community To Earn An Additional Income

The 1st Android Mobile Application in Jakarta, Indonesia to provide a safe & convenient way for your KIDS to travel to School/Home or to a Kindergarten/Daycare/Tuition Centre. Kidz Carpool provides a secure and reliable solution by connecting Parents and Carpool Drivers that live within the same area to assist in giving your KIDS a ride



Top 12 Reasons, Why You Should Register Your Kids For A KIDZRIDE

Registration is free
Affordable & fix monthly fees
View live on map KidzDriver on road 
Pickup/drop-off confirmation message
Extra safe, safety belts are compulsory
All pickup/drop-off only at entrance
No more long hours on the road
Extra safe & comfortable ride
KidzDriver interviewed & verified safe
View background/details of KidzDriver
Choose/confirm preferred KidzDriver
Use same KidzDriver monday to friday

Does your school transporter offer all the above benefits?


Join Us Now As A KidzDriver, Drive Part Time And Earn Up To Rp 12,000.000/Month. Suitable For Those Who are Single / Married / Housewife / Retired / Working Full time or Part time And Looking For A Part Time Job Or Income

Registration is free
No hidden charges or fees
Full monthly payment is guaranteed
Choose & drive on your fix free time
Only drive in your prefered location
Drive same kids from monday to friday
All pickup schedule on non-peak hours
No age limit for KidzDrivers vehicle
Uber/Grab/Taxi drivers can register

How does Kidz Carpool work?

Join Kidz Carpool today, our app 
is available on Google Play

You are required to fill up the Registration Form, to receive your secure User Id & Password to access our secure mobile application

Marketing Partnership

Kidz Carpool appreciates the support from all our Marketing Partners.

In order to serve the community better, Kidz Carpool collaborates with Marketing Partners across the city. Contact us and find out more about our Marketing Partnership programs.


We continuosly upgrade our services, please do check our Terms & Conditions regularly